Friday, January 16, 2009

Flat Sammy's First Stop............Surrey, ENGLAND!

Flat Sammy has arrived at his first host family's house in England! So far he's travelled 3,487 miles. Flat Sebastian is also in England but at a different home. I bet both are going to have a great time traveling in a new country. Meanwhile, Flat Brennan is soaking up the Florida sun. Here's the email we got from Flat Sammy's host mom!


Flat Sammy has arrived. He had a very quick journey to the UK, it only took 3 days.
I live in Surrey, just outside of London.
Today Sammy is going to be helping me with my work at the computer and he will meet my 2 cats, Boris and Jessy, and my two rabbits, Miffy and Buffy.

With love.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Journey is Starting!

The Rules of taking care of a flat guy....

Please keep him for one week and help him avoid being dollnapped. Email us when you receive Flat Sammy and again when you are ready to mail him to the next person on the list.

Keep a daily journal of your week spent with him and take lots of pictures. You can either snail mail or email it all to us. If you don't have a camera, its okay to draw the pictures. Treat Flat Sammy as a real visiting friend and show him off.

When you're week is over, mail Flat Sammy off to the next person no the sender's list. Be sure to include that list, along with the host letter and instruction sheet.

Have lots of Fun!!!! Flat Sammy will be starting his journey on January 8th, 2009. His first stop is England!!