Friday, February 6, 2009

Flat Sammy's Trip to ENGLAND!!

Hi there,

I have had a wonderful time with Sam. This is what we did:
Tuesday - Sammy was very happy to have arrived, but he was a little tired. He loved my sparkly tree. Then he had his supper and went to bed.

Wednesday - Sammy met Boris, one of my cats. They immediately liked each other and played together for hours. He met Miffy, the white rabbit, Buffy, the black rabbit and Jessy the tortie cat.

Thursday - It was a lively sunny day in England and Sammy played in the garden with a bike and a car.

Friday - Sammy and I spent the day working at the computer.

Saturday - It was raining here so Sammy played the piano.

Sunday - Sammy like climbing the tree in the front garden.

Monday - Sammy's last day. I took lots of pictures of him in and around the house.
We have had a lovely time and now it is time for my to say goodbye to Sammy. I have packed him carefully in the travelling envelope and bid him a very fond farewell.

Lots of love.


  1. Awwwww what a fun trip for Flat Sammy, Love Lisa

  2. Oh Sammy you are so lucky to have met all those animals. You look to have had a great stay. Eileen x

  3. What as lovely time you have been having.
    Jenny <><